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In this document, you can read all about the Agave Zwolf project. If you have a question, please contact us!


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15,000 Agave shoots were planted in 3 Hectares in July 2022 and 15,000 AGVZ Utility Tokens were issued.

5,000 Agave shoots were planted in 1 Hectare in April 2023 and 5,000 AGVZ Utility Tokens were issued.





Market research

MARCH 2022

The creation of a work team backed up by Grupo Zwolf

Investigation and development

4 hectares recruited for Agave planting in the pilot test

Website launch

Private presale of Token AGVZ

APRIL 2022

First Stage ICO Start 1 AGVZ = $15 USD

AGVZ Token available in decentralized Exchange Dexlab

Selection and purchase of 15,000 Agave plants for transplantation in July 2022

15,000 AGVZ tokens released in the market
Creation of the liquidity pool

July 2022

15,000 Agave cores planting

July 2022 – MARCH 2023

To list AGVZ Token in more exchanges

To increase the liquidity pools

2022 - 2032

Agave Maintenance

Presentation of project’s progress and relevant information in and social networks

The progress of the project and plantations will be published in our social networks.